Memtest fails randomly?

Hello all. I built my computer a week ago with no problems and today all the sudden I had BSOD on startup (memory_management). The ram is running at stock speeds with no overclock or anything. I have run memtest twice over the past week for over 20 hours (25ish full passes) with no error at all. After the BSOD, I ran memtest and got 250+ errors within minutes. Is there a reason it would just all of the sudden go bad?
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  1. Could happen, RAM is integrated circuits and memory chips connected through metal connectors printed on ,and or embedded in the circuit board - the heat/cool cycles from powering-on and powering-off the computer may have magnified a distortion or "broken" a circuit. With the RAM at stock settings, run memtest86+ in DOS, booting to the the CD boot image (.iso).
  2. a power surge could have ruined the ram or the ram could have just gone bad...
    it does happen like that sometimes. Or do you have massive speakers by your computer? magnet charges could ruin the ram...
    The list is endless...
  3. Is it a DDR3 RAM?

    Did you set the RAM voltage manually?

    Did you make any change to the BIOS?

    Did you update the BIOS?

    What is the spec of your PC?
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