My Q6600 is dieing waht should I replace it with ?

Hi as it says in the title my Q6600 is dieing, its a garanteed to run at chip as well but I can't return it cos I ve lost the packageing (parents fault)

my price is about 250 british £££ :P

I have a few qaud cores in mind, but I also have a few duos yes DUOs

I use my computer for gaming and basic multimedia stuff like watching DVDs, I often game with firefox open and MSN,XFRIE and steam etc

the cpus I had in mind was the E8500 OR E8600 for the DUOs
out of the qauds I was thinking Q9450 OR 9550, as i don't really want to buy another Q6600, might as well upgrade since I m crossfire.

I know there is no such thing as feture proving, but I want it to last for like a year or so.
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  1. id just get the 8500
  2. get the best Q9xxx you can afford, you'll end up regretting getting a dual core in the next year or two
  3. indeed oh yeah with what cooler, mines broke sort off its only got 3 effective pins:O yes air cooled and I will be pushing the cpu
  4. its up to you. You could go basic like the arctic cooling freezer 7 or a more expensive zalman. I personally use the ac freezer 64 for my phenom 2 and it works great.
  5. I have the OCZ vennetta 2 althrough its a good cooler but its useless without mounting pins LOL, I' ll look around. thanks
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