Gaming Build Final Revisions?

I'd like to make this purchase today, Budget ~$1100, CRT monitor recommended 1600x1200, gaming.

PSU: Corsair 750tx
Case: Antec 300
Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro P45
CPU: E8400 (4ghz OC reasonable?)
HSF: Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer (comes with Tuniq TX-2 paste)
RAM: G.skill DDR2 800 (1.8v 5-5-5-15)
GPU: MSI 4870 1gb OC
HDD: Seagate 640GB
DVD: LG 22x Sata Burner
OS: Vista Home Premium 64-bit
Speakers: Logitech 17 Watt 2.1
Fans: Two additional Rosewill 120mm intake case fans.

This should be fine for atleast a couple years good performance before any major upgrades right? Anything not seem to match up properly? I don't need a sound card for the speakers, do I?( )
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  1. yes you need a soundcard because the p5q pro has no onboard sound
  2. No, you don't need a sound card because the P5Q Pro does have onboard sound. The only thing I would change would be getting an e8500 instead of the e8400 because 4ghz will be easier.
  3. cman102395 said:
    yes you need a soundcard because the p5q pro has no onboard sound

    Maybe you should take a second look at it.

    @glenngjp The P5Q Pro does have onboard sound. Onboard sound is pretty much standard in all motherboards now. You shouldn't need an additional sound card to run those speakers. Onboard has definitely improved over the past couple of years.
  4. How much memory? w/ vista you can get up to 8GB.

    and what's the final build price with that configuration? i've been thinking about putting something together, and that's almost exactly what i had in mind.
  5. Oh, 4gb of DDR2 800, my bad.

    The full build comes out to $1082.83 before $75 rebates and shipping/taxes.
    After shipping, taxes, rabates and the promotional code on the power supply, it is $1092.94
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