EMachines t5088 RAM / CPU question?

EMachines t5088 RAM / CPU question?
I was wondering if i get intel quad core or INtel Extreme would work for this comp.
Intel® 945GC chipset?
they said (people at eMachines) it wouldnt but i wouldnt see why not.

and i was also wondering.. what else would work for a PC 4200 RAM. is there other ones i can use that are compatible like Corsair Fatality gaming ram?
or i still need pc 4200 DDR2?

eMachines t5088 upgraded with:
Intel Dual Core 2.6
Nvidia 9800 GTX
4gb ram sticks (only 3 gb works)
PSU 600W
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  1. I would stick with what eMachines people say about the processor.
    You can put faster memory, but it may not do you any good, because the values in the bios cannot be changed for example.
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