Asus dvd writer takes long time to burn a dvd


I just bought a Asus sata Dvd Writer, on first few dvds it took only 5 minutes to burn a 4.2GB dvd Image, But now it takes around 9 -12 minutes,

i found some solutions on the net and checked them also, Ultra DMA mode 5 is on.

What else should i do??
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  1. Have you ensured that you are selecting the maximum write speed in the program you are using?
  2. yes, 16x is the Maximum
  3. go to device manager & uninstall the dvd drive device drivers & restart the PC..

    after the drivers get installed tryit..
    also have a look at this
  4. thanks i'll try that.
  5. Have you try it? What is the result?
  6. the writer takes a long time perhaps because of the format dvd copying softwareyou are using try only dvd format and even then it doesnt speed up report to the nearest asus centre also make sure you have a good anti virus software in place
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