what card for hdtv

hi i have been reading for 2 days now and think im close to what i need
i have a panasonic 37" full hd and have my pc on picture is not bad i have a gforce 4200i
but im puting together a system to run blue ray and need a new gcard i have around £50 to £70
as far as i can see from here and other forums the best way to go is ATI HD card with hdmi socket on.
options are
HD 3850 512 mem 216 bit
HD 4350 512 mem 64 bit
HD 4550 512 mem 64 bit
HD 4650 512 mem 128 bit

Question is will the bit rate change picture quality
also will i need cable for sound from motherboard to graphics card
what in you opinion is the best card for watching blueray and hd films using my skyanytime connection
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  1. I don'y even think you can fit one of those cards in your motherboard, Your chipset is probably to old. Can you give us your computer specs?
  2. here is the specs for new system
    motherboard EvGA micro atx sli motherboard 131 k8 nf44 ax 939 socket
    amd 3500
    2 gig corsair twin x
    power is HEC 550td-pte with 2 x 12v rails 17 amp and 18 amp
    i think blueray player will cost more than system lol :hello:

    my old sys was a 2 gig amd with agp and 512 ramand 4200i card
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