650i motherboard compatible with 4870x2?

i have a 650i motherboard and i wanted to upgrade to a 4870x2 and i was wondering if it would work with no problems
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  1. your good, have fun
  2. Should work fine
  3. since it interfaces with the board as one video card, I think you're okay. But you won't be able to do 2 x 4870. Only the 4870x2.

    That almost makes no sense mathematically I know... :)
  4. LOLLL +1 jerreece
  5. I dont see any problem.Go for it but you have to know that you wont have X16 slot with 4870X2.
  6. A 650I mobo have X16 slot ...... my 650I have 2 X16 ....
  7. yeah it has but it wont run at X16.I test it with multi-GPU card and it will give you X8.I will search why it would be like that and tell you more...
  8. Depend on the mobo you have, its true that some multi GPU mobo can only give 8x when slied.

    But you just have to look at the spec and buy a mobo that have 2 16x slot.

    My Old P5N32-e SLI PLUS is a dual 16x mobo. If my old mobo is ! I think lotta new one are ;)

    And yes, your X2 card is recognized by the MOBO as one card, so YES its going to be 16x for your 4870X2.
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