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ok I know this sounds strange but its true. It was running fine and then the other night, farcry 2 was not running smooth anymore (max settings) so I started hunting for a problem and found that me gpu clock was at 500 and so was my mem clock. very strange so I enabled overclock and set them to stock (750 and 900 I do know that it idles down in 2d and have noticed it drop back to 500 from 750 but it was stuck at 500 gpu and the mem clock should not move) Now I run in 3d and again it drops to 500/500 running monitore to check for sure. its backwards it should go up to 750 and the mem clock should not move I am going nuts, ever hear of this
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  1. check the temps. when my 4850 got too hot it throttled the fan to at least 70% and dropped the clocks severely. I would say install the newest drivers which give you fan control and up the fan quite a bit.
  2. I was running 8.11 and running fan at 40%. load was never more then 62c. I reinstalled and went back to 8.10 still the same not sure if it has anything to do with it but I think it started after I installed dreamscene for vista. when I run a dreamscene desktop, both clocks drop to 500 as well and then back to stock when I switch back to standerd desk top. So it cant be temps I have always kept it low and it happens istantly even with an animated desktop, there shouldn't be any load with that.

    But thanks for the reply
  3. Got back from work and did another run and it is Vista dreamscene that is kicking my video card clocks down to 500/500 and locking them thier even when running 3d. I think its time to get rid of Vista and go back to xp64. I wanted to try it and because it had direct x10 but I have seen enough. I guess you cant get directx10 for xp
  4. i know enough to know th 4870's with referance cooler get a hell of alot hotter than 62c
  5. not when you run the fan at 40%
  6. sorry thats the 4850 that piece that ati put a single slot cooler on
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