EVGA SLI LE: Voltages go up with vdroop enabled?

Hey everyone.

I have an EVGA SLI LE and a Ci7 920. Below are my CPU voltages with/without vdroop on.

1.2125v set in BIOS

Vdroop off:

Idle: 1.215v
Load: 1.24v

Vdroop on:

Idle: 1.0v
Load: 1.2v

What I don't understand is why my voltage goes up under load in both cases. Also, why is my idle voltage so low with vdroop on? Shouldn't it be higher and then drop under load? Is this a PSU problem?
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  1. Your idle temps are low because the core voltage to the CPU has been reduced. Your core temps will be higher under load becuase your core voltages increased and the CPU is working harder.

    There is nothing wrong with your PSU. This is all a function of the motherboard power regulator.
  2. I understand but from my experiences, with vdroop enabled the core voltage should sit around what I have it set at in the BIOS and then droop a little under load. This is how my Asus board works. My EVGA board reduces the idle core voltage quite a bit and then raises it to what I have in the BIOS. This seems backwards.

    "why is my idle temp so low with vdroop on? Shouldn't it be higher and then drop under load? Is this a PSU problem?"

    I meant "idle voltage", not "temp".

    I fixed it in my original post.
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    The issue is because of a different power saving function on the mobo. Your mobo is cutting the voltage going to the core when it is idle then raising it when it goes under load to reduce the power consumption. This has nothing to do with vdroop. Vdroop is just a function that disables the voltage to go higher than what it is set at under load.
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    nMakes perfect sense. Thanks Overshocked!
    nBut now I have a new question. If it's a power-saving feature by the mobo, why does it get enabled when I enable vdroop? Have you seen this before on other mobos?
  5. I dont know man, its kinda weird...

    It will probably go away if you manually set your vcore in the bios. (;
  6. I did set it manually. As stated in my original post.

    Anyone have an EVGA SLI LE that has this same situation?
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