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ok so im really confused on what pump to get becaus ei her the mcp655-b was the best now im hearing the mcp 355 is alot better with a aftermarket top. all im cooling right now is a amd phenom 2 oced im using 1/2 inch tubing i have the 120 x3 rad already so that cant change. please someone help me out im not sure what to get and i need a answer asap
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  1. The mcp350 with aftermarket top works great for cooling my core i7 920 @ 4Ghz, im also using a triple rad and 1/2" tubing.
    I dont think you can go wrong with either of the pumps you mentioned.
  2. Both are great pumps and either will work great for you.
    The 655 is larger and a bit more powerful, the 355 is more compact.
    Get which ever fits your budget best!
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    Either is just fine. The pumps make a bit of noise, very small. Some say the 655 is quieter than the 355.

    The 655 fixed speed runs at a speed of 4. The vario 655 runs from 1-5 speeds, the vario is more powerful.

    The 355 with the right aftermarket top has more flow AND head pressure than the 655. It's also smaller. I run 2 355 with the XSPC restop. They are great.

    My annual rebuild log showing pumps etc:

    I have used both pumps. The D5 is nice but kinda aquaward, the 355 is the best once you get an afetermarket top.

    Here is some links you should keep forever. There is pump testing curves etc so you can see it yourself.
  4. ^ I thought you left?
  5. i thought he left to but im glad hes back. lol thanks again man for the help
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