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HI everyone!I have a small office network of 210 computers and I am using dhcp server to lease ips automatically to computers by using their mac addresses.The problem is people from outside come with laptops and enter ips manually.This gives conflict with the ip address of server and sometime other computers.Is there anyway I can secure more or stop this thing happening.

Please I need a quick answer
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  1. If you filter IP addresses based on MAC address you could restrict their access to their network. The problem with this is that they would have to request access from the network admin and then would have to clear the ip address that they are using. Not sure if this is the best route but it would keep your network secure and would stop them from taking over other IP's.
  2. Thanks for the reply.I am not making any policy to bring unauthorized computers but in rare cases it's possible.Here is how my network is

    I have 260 computer and I have connected all of them to trendnet teg-2248ws switches in my server room.I have 7 switches of the same model and the switches are linked through the giga bit ports.I even have run the websmart switch management utility and it shows the 7 switches with same ip address. even try to add them to the discovery list and it says duplicate ip.I try to access the switch from the web and it says no access to is there anyway I can assign a particular mac addresses to a particular port and others cannot use the same port even with manual ips
  3. Could this be possible with the switch systems I have.If so how?I am leasing ip addresses to particular mac addresses and this is possible in my opinion if we assign ips automatically.The problem comes when ips are being assigned could this be stoppped

    Need a quick fix
  4. You could also use 802.1x, it's probably exactly what you need.
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