Got a burning smell from my case. One core of my Q6600 burnt?

I was just checking the other day if my case would support a TRUE. Removed the stock HSF and replaced(apparently improperly) and I ran P95 and after a short while temps. sky-rocketed. 95C was max. There was a foul smell from the case. Immediately cut the power. Opened the case, kept it under the fan. Reseated heatsink. Then when I switched it on, it was working like nothing had happened. Completely stable. Then when I was playing GTA San Andreas, there was an extreme lag. It used to run at 50+ fps and suddenly 2-3 fps. Kept fluctuating. Then I uninstalled it. Didn't play for a few days. When I reinstalled it from a another disc, it was running just fine. Since I had clamped my heatsink on one side(2 cores) and improperly on the other side(other 2 cores), I was wondering if some of the transistors had burnt? CoreTemp shows 100% load in all cores when I run P95. There's an equal temp. in all cores. Is there some way to test if my processor is completely okay?
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  1. Test each core individually first; that should at least rule out the CPU.

    Your CPU was probably still bonkers when you first tried GTA. If its OK now, and each core checks out, you are proabably good to go.
  2. Wonder what that burning smell was though....
    Any scorched power connectors?
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