Sapphire HD 4850 boot issues

hi i just got the sapphire HD 4850 off newegg - great sale

im running it on the following setup:

Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
intel core 2 duo E8400 @ 3.0 ghz
4gb (2x2gb g.skill)
western caviar digital blue 80 gb 3.0 gb/s (i have an external seagate 1/tb)
LG 20x dvd burner
coolermaster centurion 590

sapphire 100245L HD 4850 card

all running on 32-bit Vista ultimate

i've been having issues with the card however
whenever the drivers are properly installed (done multiple times, each time driver sweeped and reinstalled) and the computer is restarted, the windows loading screen starts.. but then when it SHOULD show me the login screen, i get a blank black screen, a white mouse cursor that seems to be in 800x600 resolution, blinking on and off, then it restarts

windows runs perfect in safe mode but can't seem to boot regularly
i think once or twice i've gotten a memory error as wel
could this be a memory error from onboard the GPU? or perhaps a memory error from my RAM?

any suggestions would be helpful, thanks
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  1. Its drivers problems with vista
    Currently the known best stable drivers are 8.8 beta, OR 8.10 if u make a brand new install.
    As far as i know its a kernell problem that vista blocks, making the drivers never fully install but rather boot.

    My personal advice is to use old drivers for then next 4 months, and update then with the 2-3rd last driver.

    Anywya check out the ATI formus, there is a lot of info on them about waht catalyst drivers are working properly.
  2. is this error occuring on EVERY Vista ran systems? or is it just a common error and you mustn't be lucky to get it?
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