Cold Boot OC issue

Son told me about this last night....i7-920 on Asus R2E, 6 GB DDR3-1600 @ 6-7-6-18

System was built and various OC profiles set up in October 09.....running w/o issues ever since last BIOS upgrade. In last 3 days, on a cold boot to the "24/365 profile" , a modest 3.7 Ghz OC w/ all BIOS features enabled and 1.125 Core Voltage, the startup sometimes stops with the OC Failure message offering to set to defaults or enter the BIOS....entering a reloading the same BIOS profile that was loaded when system was shut down works fine.....warm boots work fine but say 1 outta every 2 times it's cold booted, he gets that message and then after loading exact same settings, it boots fine.

Was gonna try upping the voltage a notch but b4 I do, wondered if anyone experienced same experience.
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  1. Obviously, you have a stability problem.Is the system stable under a Prime95 load?

    I'd bump the CPU core voltages up a little. If that doesn't work, increase the RAM voltage a little, staying under 1.65 volts.

    You could also try relaxing the RAM timings a little.
  2. jsc said:
    Is the system stable under a Prime95 load?

    12 hours each under small FFT's, Large FFt's and Blend.....also passes Linx, SuperPi, OCCT and anything else I have thrown at it. Not to mention 4 months of cold starts w/ no issues at same OC. Also this is the plain old 365/24 OC profile at 3.7 Ghz....other profiles go to 4.4 Ghz.

    jsc said:
    Obviously, you have a stability problem.

    If it was a stability problem, I don't think any of these would solve the problem

    a) When you see the "Set defaults or enter BIOS" message, just entering the BIOS and not doing a darn thing before exiting the BIOS allows the system to boot normally at the loaded 3.7 Ghz OC profile.

    b) Hitting the rest button allows the system to boot normally to the same 3.7 Ghz OC profile

    c) Ctl-Alt-Delete allow the system to boot to the same OC profile.

    It's as if it's seeing something strange when power 1st hits MoBo it flashes the message and then it's going "Oops, so sorry, I made mistake."

    Meybe it's time to reseat everything.....usually do every 6 months...I'm 2 months early.
  3. Strange. You are right. You "obviously" do not have a stability problem. Sorry. :(

    Increasing core voltage a little is the next thing I'd try.

    I have three similar Core2 systems. If I have a really weird problem, I can move parts around and see if the problem moves. Do you have that luxury?
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    I think this is a vcore and/or vtt problem. What happens when you raise these? I get thus problem a lot and vcore always seems to fix it.

    Also a bios update would help a bunch. I had some boot problems with hdd's and a bios flash fixed it.
  5. Wow...holy crap....two BIOS updates in a month tho only change listed is "new CPU's"

    Think I'll wait till after the 930 / hexacore as no doubt gonna update again.

    And now I gotta remember what vtt is in the R2E BIOS :)

    Note.....couldn't make it happen last night.....seems to only happen when PSU is turned off....R2E leaves LED's on which for some reason my son likes to turn off PSU at back of machine to get rid off.
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