USB Thumb drive has me perplexed

I have a 32GB USB thumb drive and I was adding files to it. I got to a medium sized folder (100MB) and noticed it was taking FOREVER. I checked the speed of the transfer and it was about 280kbps. This was on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1545). I went downstairs to my baby (Custom built desktop) to check the transfer speed and I got 30Mb/s on the same drive. I believe both computers have USB 2.0 and they are both on Windows 7 64 bit. Why is the laptop transferring at 1/100th the speed of the desktop?
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  1. some oldr computers have both usb 1 and usb 2 ports, another possibility is the laptop HD may be bogged down by another application
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    It's also a LOT slower to transfer many small files vs. a few large files.
  3. Speed went up by 5x with a larger file... thanks
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