Overclock won't hold.

Ahoy. Currently, i'm stuck in the past using an Abit IP35-E motherboard with a Core 2 Duo E7200 (2.53GHz) clocked at 3.16GHz (sometimes)
However, i'm having a slight problem. At the default 266 x 9.5, the motherboard has an annoying dual booting issue, which can be solved by overclocking the processor to a FSB of 1333 (333). However, at this overclock setting, every other boot clocks the FSB back down to 266. So, over a period of 5 days, I would get 266, 333, 266, 333, 266, for example. Loosing 600MHz every other day isn't really that favourable, and as the memory ratio stays the same throughout ( I try to keep my RAM at 800, as it isn't very overclockable stuff) I loose performance when it down-clocks due to the FSB to memory ratio is considerably lower.
So, after that probably unhelpful block of text, is there anyone who can shed light on my little predicament?

Thanks muchly

Also, don't tell me to buy a new motherboard, (other forums have, so don't take it personally) when I have the money, i'll buy a P55 system
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  1. Have you stability tested your 3.16Ghz overclock? If not you need to run prime95 or OCCT for at least 8hours and watch your temps with a program like Real-Temp, make sure the temps stay below 65C

    It would be helpful if you could list your entire system spec's
  2. did you turn off Intel Speed step & C1E in the BIOS?
  3. The setup has been working perfectly for almost a year at these settings, never had any instabilities, just the downclocking problem. The max temperature reached through Prime95 is about 50C, as I have good cooling.
    Also, I have turned off speedstep...yet it continues to persist. So, although my bios reads "disabled", it's still on. Remind me, what does C1E do, and will it help if it where off?
  4. Shameless bump...

    Turned C1E off, CPU no longer powersaves, however the issue still remains...
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