Transferring OS and programmes from hdd to ssd

I currently have 2 hdd (each of 320 Gb), set up as Raid 1 and Raid 0.

On the Raid 1 setup, i use 65Gb of data consisting of my OS and most of my programmes.
The Raid 0 setup is where i keep steam and itunes etc.

I am about to purchase a new OCZ VERTEX 60Gb ssd and want to have my OS and some of my programmes installed on there.

Is it possible to copy my OS and various programmes to the ssd without doing a complete fresh install on it?

If i have to do a fresh install, can i still use the programmes on my hdd or will i have to re-install them on my ssd?

OS = Windows 7 64 bit btw

Thanks! xD
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  1. You could do an image back up and simply burn it onto a DVD and then install the backup image (complete with the OS) onto the new SSD.
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