Arctic Silver 5 HD on EvGA 9600GSO causing overheat

My Evga 9600GSO 384 mb, card tended to run in high 60 deg Cels unless fan was set to 100% even on idle load. to offset that i tried applying AS5 HD on it yesterday. it seems to have backfired. previously on keeping GPU fan at 100% i could expect temps in 52-60 range at idle-50% loads .
after applying AS5 my idle temps are always above 65 deg cels.
i m afraid to run any game fearing that at higher loads the temps will go over 70 degs.
what should I do?
also can someone tell me what color is the Arctic Silver 5 High Density cream supposed to be?
i am unsure if the vendor has provided me with a genuine product or not.
mine is a dirty tin color with a hint of brown. its definitely not the silver color and it did not come in and packing. only the syringe with the standard AS5 labeling.
If someone can help me out here then I will test AS5 out on my New 555 cpu.
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    you got artic silver, trust me. Its just that distributer of it often dont put itin the packaging from artic silver. Fry's usually has it in their own packaging to.

    Your high temps are likely caused by two things.

    1. If you didnt clean of the gpu with alcohol and a paper towel before you but the as5 on, than you will have higher twmps.

    2. Over applying the as5. Make sure you only put a very small amount on your gpu, i usually put 5 dots about 1/2 the size of a pea on the gpu, then let the mounting pressure spread it out evenly.

    Hope that helps...
  2. In addition to what Overshocked said:

    I hope you realise Arctic Silver 5 requires 200 hours of operation and a lot of turning on and off to "cure". Temperature will not stabilize until the curing process is complete. That's for a cpu. I would think it is similar for a gpu.
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