PS2 trackball mouse problem

Hi all,

I have a PS2 Compaq MX-11800 combination keyboard with trackball mouse.

The keyboard/TB mouse work find on my HP xw6000 PC running XP Pro SP3 and will work OK in combination with a USB mouse (not that I want both).

When the keyboard/TB mouse are connected to my HP Pavilion PC running the same OS, the trackball will not work, although it appears in device manager as a PS2 mouse without showing any issues.

On both PC's the resources and drivers appear to be the same and a separate PS2 mouse connected to the HP Pavillion works fine. I've checked the physical PS2 socket on the HP Pavillion and closed up the socket recepticals just in case, but still no joy.

I've done a lot of searching on the net but so far without success, therefore, any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Update 01-04-11

    I don't have a specific driver CD for the device - it has always worked with the generic drivers that come with XP Pro SP1a, SP2 and SP3.

    However, I've just realised the xw6000 PC operating system was built from (Hewlett Packard) XP Pro SP1a then updated with SP2 then SP3, whereas the t645 operating system was built from (Hewlett Packard) XP Pro1a and updated with SP3 only. I have read in odd places, now I come to think of it, that to update XP Pro SP1(a?) straight to SP3 can cause problems. But then again I've also read that this is complete 'eye wash' and as SP2 is no longer available from Microsoft I'd kind of lean towards the 'eye wash' camp.

    Update 2 01-04-11

    I've tried a Microsoft PS2 trackball mouse and that works fine.

  2. Update 2 01-04-11

    I've tried a Microsoft PS2 trackball mouse and that works fine.
  3. Solved the problem.
    Either the mobo or trackball are working outside of their spec (volts and or current) or the spec of the two devices does not overlap enough (volts and or current). I've connected a powered PS2 range extender and the track ball now works, yippee.
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