No HDMI sound with Radeon HD 4550

I'm having trouble getting sound through my Radeon HD 4550. My main rig has a HD 4850 hooked up to a 42" LCD and it has sound through the TV via HDMI. It set up without a hitch. My secondary rig with the HD 4550 has no sound though the HDMI.. What gives? Here is the setup..

PC Chips P53G motherboard (Via chipset)
Intel E5200
2X2GB Corsair DDR2-800
2x 320GB Seagate HDD
Radeon HD 4550

Now, my main rig uses Realtek Audio. I had to go to their web site and DL the HDMI driver to get it to work. My HTPC rig uses Via audio/chipset but they have no HDMI driver, least no that I can find. Is this a driver issue or is it a chipset issue? I just built this cheapy system ,to work as a HTPC, from sparew parts I had laying around. Anyone have an idea?
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  1. Perhaps you've sorted it out by now... are you using ATI's special adapter? I'm having trouble getting the audio out of my 4850 card, but I'm not using the supplied adapter (I bought a 50 foot DVI to HDMI cable, not knowing I might need a special adapter). I want to be sure there is somethingg special about ATI's adapter before I go and buy a 50 foot HDMI cable to work with it. I'd be curious to know if you get audio out of your 4850 without ATI's supplied adapter.
  2. Yes there is 'something special' about the HDMI adapter, it uses data pins on the DVI for the audio that other DVI adapated don't bother supporting. You might find 50ft to be iffy with HDMI unless you get a good shielded cable. Without it you may get starfield effects.

    As for the OP, who may already have figured this out, I think your problem is you're still trying to use the VIA audio, in order to get the audio via HDMI to work you need to enable the realtek audio passthrough on the card, for this you need the realtek control panel and to adjust the settings appropriately, you might have to disable the VIA audio, but it should actually override it on it's own.
  3. There is definately something special about Radeons adapter. I bought a fully pinned DVI-D(Dual Link) to HDMI adapter for my Powercolor Radeon HD 4650 Card but could not get sound so i ordered an "ATI Radeon HD Adapter" from Ebay and suddenly I had sound. This adapter actually had less pins than the original one i bought. It looks like DVI-I(Single Link) to HDMI adapter. Perhaps ATI crossed a few connection in it.
  4. Remember DVI-D is not Dual link it's just Digital, so the fully pinned conenctor is using pins not needed since 8bit 1080P can ride a single link DVI.
    Now if it were 1600P that would be a different story, but single link plus the unused data channel is enough for their current HDMI solution.
  5. i have the via chipset do you have the via hd audio deck? under spdif out tab it has an hdmi mode button thats what i had to click
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