Computer won't start with router on

Please, if someone could help--

I have a very quirky problem that should not be happening---

I have a Linksys WRT54G connected (of course) through my ethernet card to a Dell Dimension 4700 desktop PC.

When I shut down the computer completely, it will not reboot on a cold restart with the power on to the router. If I disconnect the power to the router, (or unplug it from the network card, either way), the computer proceeds to boot up normally.

The strange thing is that is a does not do this on a "warm" restart (i.e. clicking on start, shutdown the computer, restart). I proceeds to shut down, then reboots normally without having to power off or unplug the router.

What could possibly be causing this?

Please, if someone could help me troubleshoot this problem?

Thank you so much for your help
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  1. Weird...

    First thing I would probably try is to disable BIOS options such as Wake-On LAN.
  2. there are options in the boot sequence for lan sources, but these shouldnt be enabled by default, have you tried resetting your bios to fail safes to see if this clears the issue?
  3. Thanks for the responses. I have been into the system BIOS and the boot sequence does not include any sort of LAN option. The only option in the BIOS is to disable the LAN completely on startup, which, when I disable it, then the network card does not boot at all and then, of course, I have no connection whatsoever.

    Another strange symptom of this problem is that when I shut the computer down with the router plugged in and powered up, the Ethernet light on the router for the connection blinks slowly and rhythmically off and on about once per second off, then on, and you can actually hear the on and off pulses, almost like a heartbeat, through the speakers! It's like the router is trying to connect to the card while the computer is off. You can actually see the green light on the network card blinking on and off in rhythm with the ethernet light on the router.

    Comments? Suggestions? HELPPPP!!!!
  4. Try to use a different network cable and use a different port on your HUB. Its possible that your router or cable has some short or high current that its loading the network port on the PC. Conditions like this will prevent the PC from booting up.

    If you have a different router try it as well see if the problem goes away
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