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I just purchased an i5 750 and have a question about Turbo mode.

Basically I play EQ2 which is game released in 2004 that is heavily CPU dependant. Without getting into OC too much it seems like the easiest thing I could do is disable cores 2-4 and just run the first core at the max..

If I have turbo enabled in the bios then go into task manager and disable processor affinity(cores 2-4) for the EQ2.exe process is that the correct approach to max the speed on core 1?
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  1. Wait what?

    Let me break things down for you m8.
    1. Disabling cores will not give you more speed on the first core.

    2. Disabling cores will not give you better performance in games, even if they are single threaded.

    3. Any game from 04' can easily be handled by the i5.

    Hope that helps.
  2. DOh! OK then im a bit confused...isnt that the principal behind turbo mode?
  3. Somewhat, but you won't gain much (if anything) by attempting to help it out. It will run just fine with standard settings on the processor and with no tweaks needed.
  4. I've played with super pi, which is single threaded, watching it run with turbo enabled and charting my time. Locked it to one core VS not. NO difference. The cpu can bounce the load from core to core and still turbo and never skip a beat. This program lets you watch it happen.
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