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For my new system I am looking at liquid cooling. One of the cooling systems offered is te Asetek Liquid Cooling System. It says you don't have to refill it and it has a 50,00 hour lifetime. I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with one of these liquid cooling systems. Any advice will be helpful.
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  1. The asetek lclc is a decent cooler. A good air cooler would out perform it if you are going for high clocks like 4.5ghz, but is a decent cooler if you really want water cooling. It performs exactly like the corsair h50.
    Hope that helps...

    Here is a the megahalem vs the h50:
  2. Depends on your needs. It's as good as a high quality air cooler, and a bit better.

    The H50 is what I would buy.

    If your really pushing overcolcks and plan to cool a GPU etc please start at the top of this forum for watercooling info. At least get informed first.
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