HIS 4870 512mb boot black screen after drivers installed

hi all

im very new to this, and now very confused lol..

i have just built a new computer

Asus P5Q-Pro
4gig kingston 1066mHz
Radeon HD 4870 512mb (HIS)
Vista 64-bit

everything was working perfectly fine until i installed the drivers for the graphics card..

originally i downloaded the latest drivers from ATI, but the boot go to the loading page with "windows corporation", then went black, and monitor registered "no signal input"

i then entered in safe mode and removed the drivers

it then booted fine

i then installed the drivers off the disc that came with the card, but the same problem arose

anyone got any ideas?
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  1. Ok I'm going to assume here that you've dled the 64bit drivers?

    Did you DL the package with CCC or without CCC?

    When I tried dling with just the driver files (no CCC) I got Black screen as well. The version with CCC worked for me so I kept it (you can uninstall later if you don't like it).

    Another option is to remove and reinstall the drivers manually. Go to Device Manager and find your displayer drivers. Then go to properties and uninstall the drivers.

    when reinstalling, you go to properties for your display tab (in Device Manager) and choose "have disk" and look in C:\Ati\... look into the directory with your latest driver files and choose the inf file you see which corresponds to the drivers.

    I know it's a bit vague right now. If you don't understand leave a msg here and I'll give more detailed instructions.
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