Pls Help me decide on Graphics card.

My Computer:
AMD Athlon64X2 6000+ 3.0GHz
ASUS M3N-H/HDMI (Hybrid SLi & Onboard Nvidia 8300 Chipset)
2048MB 800MHz RAM
160GB 7200 SATA

I'm planning to buy a Graphics card. So i've went through lots of reviews. Now i'm a bit confused.
Pls help me decide choose one. Let me say, i'm not looking for the costlier one(like Nvidia GTX200 series, Dual types or X2 etc.). I'm not sure if Ati or Nvidia, which one is best for my need. Only intention is to get on with neat gaming.
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  1. What is your budget for this video card?
    What games will you be running?
    What resolution will you be running said games at?
  2. Actually about 16000INR. 1USD=50INR.

    I would like to play Obvilion, Assassins Creed, Crysis, NFS Undercover, NFS Prostreet etc.

    And i'm currently using 19" monitor.
  3. Radeon 4850 and/or 8800GTS 512MB is the maximum you should get.
    Primarily due to your resolution limit due to your monitor.
  4. Does 9800GTX work on my computer?
    Which is better Ati 4850 or Nvidia...
  5. And which manufacturer should i go for(Asus, msi, xfx etc. ...)?
  6. 4850 or 9800gtx, whichever is cheaper
  7. 9800gtx will work... as with ati/nvidia, it depends the game you'll be playing... manufacturer depends on your needs, such as a high warranty or a $50mir....
  8. I've heard from a review in one website, that Palit HD4850 when Overclocked would come near to HD4870(Beating Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX+). Is that correct?
  9. That is true for any 4850, not just from one particular manufacturer. However, stock reference design 4850s generate a lot of heat. If you want to overclock it, you'll need one with a non-reference design cooler, or you'll want to swap the stock cooler for an aftermarket cooler yourself.

    Here are a couple that come with dual slot coolers:

    HIS Hightech Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready IceQ4 Turbo Video Card - Retail $179.99

    MSI R4850-512M Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card - Retail $189.99 ($159.99 after $30 mail in rebate)
  10. hmm.. well I actually have a second opinion. The type of ram that 4850 uses is GDDR3 while 4870 uses GDDR5. So Even though the GPU is technically the same you won't really reach a 4870 level. It's more like a 4860.

    But for a 19" monitor 4850 is more than enough. Enjoy.
  11. So.. HD4850 is better than 9800GTX+..????
  12. 9800GTX+ cost 80$ more than HD4850....
  13. Thanks buddies... I got MSI R4850.... its COOL!!!
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