Overclocking fan speed?

I have a 9800gt, and in EVGA precision you can overclock your fan speed. If I put it max (100) would that be OK, or would it mess the fan up?
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  1. That is fine. You being able to do it means that EVGA thinks it's safe to let you do so.
  2. I'm not sure you'd tolerate the loud noise levels from a fan running at 100%. My XFX 5850 (admittedly a completely different card) sounds like a vacuum cleaner at 100%. Additionally, you're almost certainly shortening the life of the fan by a LARGE amount. If this card is meant for long-term usage, seriously consider running the fan at a lower setting or leaving it set to auto.
  3. I also got this other cooler for computer, goes right next to my gpu. Ive noticed a difference, but i overclocked it a little so I beleive I need all the extra air I can get ;p
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