Good Crysis bench results?

Dont have the game, so dont know. Hows it stack up?

Cpu name: Phenom II 940 (core Deneb, AM2+) @ 3GHz
Motherboard: M3A79-T Deluxe (AMD 790FX+SB750 )
Memory: 4096 Mb CSX 1066MHz (DDR2)
Graphics: Gigabyte 4870X2 2048Mb
Os: Win Vista 64 Service Pack 1
Drivers: Motherboard bios: 0602, Catalyst 8.10, MB chipset 3.0.642.0

Crysis Warhead: DX10 high, shaders very high, 1920x1200x32, AA off


Max: 84fps
Min: 36fps
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  1. Well , I screwed up, its warhead anyhow, but those numbers do seem awfully high
  2. Yea, questionable at best. Was just fishing and hadnt a clue. Would be nice, but I doubt theyre real
  3. He's claiming he now has a Deneb processor..........

    Which I think makes sense, since Deneb is comparable performance wise to the best Core2Quads right now, except on pure clock speed.

    Buy anyway. Screenshots would be better than just text.
  4. Well, its looking like Deneb can hit clocks, its perf where the questions come in, thus this post here. I think its a pure hype at this point. Theres other links and such leading to other "benches" hes supposedly done, and shows 3DMarks etc, and one for LN2, but no cpu/mobo shots themelves
  5. Sounds like smoke and mirrors until we see validation links and/or pics of the hardware.
  6. the problem with crysis is that it is a crisis.
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