Good Graphics Card for my Comp

Motherboard: Asus P4S800D-e
Power Supply: ATX 12V 420 Watt
RAM: 3gb
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz
HD's: 80gb one and for some reason a 30gb one i dont know why i have it but whatever.
Graphics Card Now: ATI Radeon 9600/x1050

Whats the best video card i could use? I am also on a budget so one that would be no more then say $100 give or take a few. I have a NEC Multisync LCD 1880sx Monitor i dont know if that would affect the card i get.

I'm a noob to video cards i would always have my uncle fix my computer and what not but now i want to try it. I really don't know what "512MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16" even means so if you could let me know what i should be looking for when buying one.
Also i had fallout 3 for my pc and after installing i ran it but it just had a black screen so i was thinking it had to do with having an older video card? I hope you all can help!
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  1. Well im not looking for the best card out there i just want one that could run some of the newer games like WoW and soon to be out Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. I wont get the parts till after xmas because thats when i get a lot of money im only 15. So the max would have to be like $150-$200. If i get a new Power Supply would that help a lot with choosing a video card? I dont think im ready to spend the money on a new CPU.

    Thanks for the fast reply.
  2. POWERCOLOR AG3850 512MD3-P Radeon HD 3850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X HDCP Ready Video Card - Retail $119.99

    Fastest AGP card available. Of course, everyone here including myself will tell you that investing any more money in a platform that old is questionable at best. That money could be saved and put towards a more comprehensive overhaul of that system (motherboard, ram, cpu, powersupply, video card; ~$350-400)
  3. Don’t plan on playing new games like Starcraft and Diablo 3 with that machine. You might be able to get the game to start, but even on low I suspect it will be unplayable, even if you get the AGP 3850. The card will perform ridiculously low because of the procc limitation.
    The CPU is pitifully slow, especially since there were very few 2.8 GHz that are HT (Which really doesn’t matter anyways).
    The ram freq will be very low, and despite the 3gb of ram, it will perform dismally when faced with the high bandwidth games of today.

    It just won’t work.
    Sorry bro, I know how strapped cash can be at that age for an expensive gaming machine. But I also know that you have to know the value of these electronics. You aren’t going to get miracles from that setup with a minimum of 200 dollars. With that cash, you're much better off buying a console.
  4. Well yeah i have a Xbox 360 thats why i didnt really want to spend more then $100 because most of the games i want to play i get for the 360. How much do you think i should spend on building a new PC thatd be able to run D3 and SC2 on medium to high. i can play WoW at 30-40Fps and thats really all i do play on here now lol.
  5. Here's a thread I posted on my CoD4 clan forum outlining a machine build for the guys in the clan that need to upgrade to play new games. Hope it helps.

    Join the forum there if you want to ask more specific questions. I dont often read toms forums.
  6. If you reuse your old case, you'll need approximately ~$400 for an overhaul.

    (that price can be squeezed lower, at the expense of performance)
  7. Yup, the total cost I had on the clan thread was 378.95
  8. hey guys...was thinking about my pc if i could get some help as on just a graphics all is fyn here i got a 3.0 ghz intel core i3 proccessor with 4 gb of ram but i just have an integrated intel graphics media accelerator HD in motherboard sharing approx 1gb...which can be the most compatible graphics card for playing CRYSIS or Diablo 3 or any other HD game comfortably?
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