Should I go SLI 8800GTS or single GTX 260 Core 216

Ive had my mind set on a single EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 for a while now with the possibilty of doing that in SLi mode in the future but for about $50-$70 more, would I be better to go with two BFG Tech 8800GTS's...

The games I play are, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Call of Duty: World at War (when I get my new pc built) and FarCry 2/Crysis (when I get it built also)

Should I go with the two 8800's right now or go with the 260 and wait a little while and do that in Sli?
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  1. I think having two 8800GTS is a better idea provided you have a PSU that can handle it. :)
  2. I say 260, and use your gts for physx. The 260 when overclocked probably runs neck and neck with 8800GTS sli.
  3. Well, i dont know how it runs when its overclocked but I do know it's just barely under the two 8800's....

    You're right!! I forgot about the physx in the GTX 260! thanks & sorry for the dumb post.
  4. Not dumb if you already have 8800gts not everyone knows that you can run 1 card for just physx and another for games.
  5. cool
  6. +1 !

    core216 = main gpu
    8800gts = physics

    Seems to be good, not alle game thats support Physics but youll have a nice card to run all game (GTX260) and Better physics on some game.


    P.S. and you can still and another Core216 later ....
  7. You can SLI a GTX 260 and a 8800 together?!

    I thought you had to have the same card and I don't have a 8800, Im trying to decide on all this stuff because Im planning on a new build very soon.
  8. NO, were not speaking about SLI, we speak about dedicated PHYSX card.

    you can offload the physx calculation from the main GPU by adding a second GPU (that can be a different one) and tell your driver to use this second card as the Physx driver.


    You get better in game physics, not better perf.

    Your futur SLI core 216 is still the better choice !
    (need nice PSU-CPU-Memory to prevent bottleneck)

    In my opinion, buying the core 216 is the better choice you can make. Nice GPU.
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