A Good Voltage for Q9650


What is a good voltage for a Q9650.

At these Settings.

Ram is Corsair 1333 9-9-9-24 T1 .

And I'm looking for good Voltages at various OC's

3.6GHz 1600fsb = v?

3.9GHz 1733fsb = v?

I've tested and tested, But I always Get stuck.

It runs Just fine ,but I just never know when it might get stuck, like at start up, or windows logo, or anytime.

I thought it might be the auto=voltage so I was at 3.6GHz and set the voltage at 1.35v and it seemed to do betting at start up but still got stuck later on.

Also, I was reading in the " HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1 " And had a Question in there about, well I'll copy it.


In the memory Section he/you say

" Example: 1600/4 = 400 MHz. Therefore, DDR3-1600 can work on systems with a FSB of up to 400 MHz (anything more and you’re lucky). "

Does this mean that if I have my RAM at 1333mhz and my CPU at 1600mhz it's not Good?

Does he mean your RAM should be Higher then the CPU or lower?

It's not explained to detail that good.

Thanks Guys.
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  1. your going to have to find out what voltage your CPU needs for it to be stable, no one can tell you as every CPU overclocks differently.
    When you say "Stuck" do you mean the PC crashes?

    You need to run a program like prime95 or OCCT for 8+ Hours to make sure its stable, and monitor your temps with Real-Temp. I would keep the temps below 70C.

    Just set your memory multi to the lowest setting, so that your not overclocking your memory and therefore it wont cause instability.

    It doesnt matter if your memory is running at 1333mhz and your FSB is 1600mhz.

    Your RAM doesnt need to be at a higher speed than your FSB

    Dont use AUTO settings for your voltages, your motherboard is only interested in stability and will set the voltages really high regardless of temps, Your best off setting the Vcore really low and keep slowly increasing it until you gain stability. Remember to check for stability with prime95 or OCCT and monitor your temps.
  2. I run my RAM at FSB speed (1:1 by CPUZ). Overclocking RAM does not accomplish much beside reducing system stability and occasionally limiting the CPU overclock. Intel's recommended maximum voltage is 1.3625 volts. You need to keep your CPU temps under 70 C.
  3. Thanks Guys.

    Sorry about the miss information, What i meant about the Voltages was , I'd like to know what others have set there Q9650's at.

    I know I'll have to find the Exact v myself tho.

    Thanks for the info on the Ram, I thought it was fishy cause I had an E8400 At 500fsb as you may have noticed in my sig, with the Ram at 333.

    May temps at 100% under Intel Burn are anywhere from 48~51C ' Using MX-2 and a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 .

    Thank you for the feed.

  4. The temps are at 3.9GHz, Sorry Toms won't let me edit for some reason.

    Ram was 666, Sorry.

    I haven't had my MTN DEW today yet. :)
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