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i just built a new gaming rig and i am having a freezing issue. its a hard freeze it dose not restart of shut down just freezes. some times it dose it as the desktop is loading and some times it dosen't. but it always freezes while i am gaming. i have a 790i ultra sli mobo, qx9650 proc, 2 9800gx2 in quad sli, 8gb of ocz sli ready ram, ultra 1600w psu, and 2 wd velociraptor 300gb hard drive as two drives, vista ultimate 64bit, antec 1200 case. my proc runs alittle hot at 40 idle and 52 full load and the vid cards run about 67 idle and 72+ at full load (the + is because it freezes before i can check the temps after load testing so 72 is the highest i have seen them). if anyone has a solution that i can try i would greatly appciate it.
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  1. Try taking out half of your RAM. If that fixes it we'll know where to start working.
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