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I really don't know if this is the right section but , my question seemed related ... Recently , my computer has been running real high temperatures , at idle its about 38~49C .. when when i run Prime95 it goes above 70C or even at 80C , The Room Temperature is at about 29~32C , while the Intel Desktop Control centre shows my ambient temprature to be at 46C .. few screenshots

Temprature at Idle :

Temprature within minutes when Prime95 is fired up :

Just recently i increased my Processor fan speed to 3000 RPM ... using the Intel Desktop Control centre , before the increase the CPU used to idle at about 57C .__. ;;

My computer specification :

Processor : Intel Core i5 (2.8 GHZ)
Motherboard : DP55KG Intel Extreme Series
RAM : 4 GB ram
Operating System : Windows 7 32 bit..
Graphics Card : Sapphire HD ATI Radeon 4890 (1 GB)
Moniter : Samsung Syncmaster 2433s (23.6 inches)
PSU : 650W V.I.P.
Keyboard : Razer Lyosa
Mouse : Razer Death Adder

I really dont know whats wrong , i am not an overclocker either , but these tempratures are getting me worried .. can anyone here offer a good solution perhaps? hardware or software wise? Thanks in advance for the help =)
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  1. What case are you using?

    I take it your using the stock heatsink (The one that came with the processor)? If so then those temps are fairly normal.

    Depending on how big your case is you can buy a decent aftermarket cooler which will decrease your temps alot!. Also some quality thermal paste like Arctic Silver 5 will help.

    Here's a good cooler and its cheap too

    Here's the Thermal paste i mentioned.
  2. At those ambients I'm not surprised. Thats a warm room. Try it with the case side off and a fan blowing cool air into the case.
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