Q6600 vs E8400 gaming/longevity

In gaming, which processor would be better?

Also, Which processor would last until at least mid 2010?

(Note: With changing to a high end video card when needed)

Q6600 (Overclocked to a min. of 3.0ghz)


E8400 (overclocked to a min. of 3.5-3.6ghz)

When i mean last, i mean playing games on at least medium until that time, and like i said,
lasting till then with a new high end video card upgrade in the future

(getting a hd4870 1gb right now)
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  1. please use the search function. we have had one of these threads every day now.
  2. don't worry, i do, and everytime i look, the question is never answered, it's a bunch of people throwing well if u want to video edit, get this.

    If you want this, get bla bla, they stray so far off the topic, not even the OP goes back to check on it cuz their is no point.

    Just lookin for a straight forward answer/opinion
  3. Q6600
  4. IMO, dual core for gaming and general multi tasking. no need to get a Q6600 seeing as how it is slower clock for clock, 65nm technology which uses more power and less 'efficient'. Q6600 - you cannot overclock as high since it is a 65nm quad core and puts out twice as much heat as other dual cores. its just not a win win IMO. especially since 99% of games are not multi threaded. this seems to my just MY opinion since the quad core fan boys will come in and rant about how multi tasking is better yadda yadda and how games in the future will use quad cores. this is all true, but by the time quads are used in gaming all the time, the quads will have improved an and the Q6600 will be obsolete anyway. i just never got the point of the Q6600...
  5. Q6600 but only if OCd. once you hit about 3.0-3.2 almost any game will be GPU limited except in multicard setups.
  6. +1. But as \i heard they expect DX11 to be multithreaded, thus in general, more cores - better...
  7. I am done with this thread, thanks guys, with the help of looking through unbiased benchmarks, of OVERCLOCKED q6600s vs dual cores. the q6600 overclocked easily to 3.6ghz and out performed the dual core.

    I think i will definetly go for the q6600 now.
    But if anyone can mention a great heatsink (i fear the mega huge ones would destroy my mobo tho) and i beleive artic cooling mx 2 thermal paste is extremely good. Thanks all once again!
  8. I have my Rig setup for a dual boot, i'm running Win 7 (which has DX11) on my E8400 PC (OC'd to 3.6) and it still screams just as loud as it does with Win XP 32-bit. (DX 9) I'm actually getting a better CPU score in all benchmarks and games are a little better performancewise too...
  9. Great heatsink for Q6600: Xigmatek S1283 + getting the backplate because the rubber push screws are a pain and if transfering computer around they can vibrate out of place. Don't forget your thermal compound aswell, shouldnt be but 5 dollars
  10. Yes, Q6600 all the way... unless you'd like to save abit and just buy a 4850e.
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