what graphic card for this setup?

hey guys! what graphic card would you recommend for this setup?

asus p5vd2 vm se mainboard
intel core2duo (2.2GHz)
2.5Gb ram
80Gb hdd
500W power supply

what specific card should i use and should i choose nvidia over ati?
i need your comments guys., thanks..
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  1. What is your budget for this video card?
    What games/apps will you be running?
    What resolution will you be running games/apps at?
  2. about 3000php, 1USD= 50php., i really dont want to get in with the latest, since as to my mainboard, it wont be able to handle such heavy duty graphics cards lol.,
    i only have a crt monitor w/c capable of running a max resolution of 1280x1024., but im planning to buy an LCD monitor soon.,
  3. a 8600gt
  4. ah., thanks for that, how about the pcie 2.0 requirement., does it really matter?
  5. hey it requires a ddr3 ram and it doesnt have a vga port., how about that?
  6. hey sori about that., im new when it comes to graphics cards., bobbknight, would that card be the best for my setup?
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