Delphi waterpump....low end or high end?

is delphi water pump low end or high end?

does anyone had this pump too? are there any problems?

thank you in advance!
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  1. That is a good pump. mid to high end. Depending on what you are putting on it, that pump should be fine.

    The Laing D5 is stronger but a bit more expensive. I am using the D5 right now and I got video card, motherboard, graphics card, and a 3x rad on it, working fine.

    If you are just doing processor then get the DDC 3.2, it is also easier to mount since it isn't as big as the D5.
  2. do you have a picture of laing d5?

    does this thing have rheostat? actually i have one on my powermac g5 and im planning to dissasemble it to check for rust. i am totally reconditioning my cooling system before i get my powermac back to work.
  3. can you tell me what model was this delphi pump in here?

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    That is a Laing DDC 3.2 rebadged. Nothing new to see here. Other companies also rebadge them. Danger Den. Koolance. Swiftech.

    Good pump. Sold at MANY watercooling stores.

    The DDC 3.2 with an XSPC restop has better flow and head pressure than the d5.

    Pump tests here.
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  6. thanks a lot Conumdrum! you're such a great help!

    great research and testing by martin of skineelabs. more power guys!
  7. Actually, Martin was before Skinnee. Martin retired, he gave his webstuff to Skinnee and he used it and is testing like Martin was. He does it for science. No money, it's his hobby. Bless him!
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