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Ok so i have a Vostro 200.. i want to be able to run WoW, but i dont know if my system is good enough, here is the info:
Dell Vostro_200
Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU
440 @ 2.00GHz
1.99 GHz, 1.99 GB of RAM.

I dont think i have a video card tho because on the dxdiag, under the Display Tab it says N/A for everything and there is no Name.. In the case that i dont have a graphics card, what one should i buy to run WoW fairly smooth, and is there anything else i will need to do to make it well suited to run games like WoW and Warhammer?
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  1. Just looked up the Vostro range and they come with intergrated 3100 graphics. Dont know what this will and wont play but intergrated graphics generally suck anyway and the 3100 isnt one of the better ones any way.
    The site said you haev a 300 Watt Power supply so i would suggest you ge ta card like the HD 4670 it dosent need any extra power from the Power supply and will easilly cope with the likes of WoW.

  2. That comp can do wow, but forget about warhammer
  3. ^4670 doesnt need a 6 pin power connector? cool.
  4. Yup, 4670 and below all use less than the 75w that is provided by the PCIe slot.
    They are great for these prebuilt machines with low end PSU's.
    Even with such low power, it offers performance similar to a 9600GSO.
  5. Oh ok, thanks a lot guys:). But If i go out and buy the 4670, can i just put in in the videocard slot then go, or will i need anything else? because i dont want to buy a card then not be able to install it or somthing you know what i mean?
  6. Yup, should be that easy.
    Worst case, you may have to dissable the IGP in the BIOS which is prety easy.
  7. ^^^ 150W for pci e gen 2 slots :D
  8. Very true but you can not count on every machine having a PCIe 2.0 slot.
    Even so, ATI specifies the 4670 to draw 59w MAX still leaving 16w headroom in a standard PCIe 1.0-1.1 slot.

    Very impressive how much performance they have managed to release with so little power.
  9. V3NOM said:
    ^^^ 150W for pci e gen 2 slots :D

    you mean 2 videocard require max at 150watts, right?
    for some reason, I thought u mean one pcie2.0 require max at 150watts.
  10. PCIE 1 slot can feed 75 Watts to a graphics card
    PCIE 2 slot can feed 150 WattsS to a graphics card

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