Budget boards for Phenom II

I'm planning to get a Phenom II x3 720 BE and oc it to 3.5. I don't need on-board video.

Here are some of the options I've been looking at (prices in Canadian dollars). Which would be the best value and which would offer the best performance?

GA-MA770-UD3 - $100
- this board lacks phase power design that similarly priced Asus boards have - how important is this feature?
- has Ultra durable 3 which Asus does not
- this board claims 50,000 Hours Japanese Solid Capacitors while Asus claims 100% All High-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors - which is better?

M3A78 PRO - $130
M4A78 PRO - $150
- i'm assuming newer board is the way to go

M3A78-EM - $110 can
- lacks 100% All High-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors that more expensive Asus boards have
- does not have Ultra durable 3

Is there a clear winner between the GA-MA770-UD3 and M3A78-EM or are they pretty much the same when it comes to stability and performance? If only one feature can be chosen, would it be Ultra durable 3 or phase power design?

Is the stability and performance of the more expensive boards enough to justify the price difference?

Feedback much appreciated!
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  1. Hmm, i have always been a Gigabyte fan, very stable Mobo's. Solid State capacitors will last longer then their rivals but we are talking an amount of time that doesn't even matter. Most MoBo capacitors will manage fine for five years or so and you will probably wanna get a new one before then, so solid state isn't really a question. IMO its more of a selling point for manufacturers than anything.

    I would go for the Gigabyte, simply because I like them. Not sure on the phase power stuff, hopefully someone else can advise you on that!
  2. I bought a GA-MA78GMH-US2H for my Phenom 920, and I am really happy with it.
    Overclocks nicely, lots of nice features for such an inexpensive board.
    Whether the Ultra Durable copper stuff really makes any difference, I don't know for sure, but can't hurt.
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