snow on screen but only in horizontal stripes and start up colors

hey guys i just came home on leave to find my comp all screwed up. i thought i had fixed it all but when i disconnected my monitor and plugged it back in it wouldnt start up again the monitor. so i restart the comp and it wont go all the way through start up it will get to the loadingbar and the monitor shuts off. i go into safemode computer starts up and while trying to put new drivers bios and everthing else to fix it i look at comp start and all the spelling is wrong before the windows load screen and there colors and hearts and everthing else any ideas anyone
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  1. Sounds like the video card is failing. At least, that's the most likely culprit.

    Best place to start.
  2. Probably a faulty graphics card caused by a voltage spike when you connected the monitor to your graphics card (you did turn of the monitor before connecting it to your computer didn’t you?)
  3. no i didnt but the snow was on there before but it will still start in safe mode. I just took apart my comp to look for dust and objects my nefew desides to put in it and my fan isnt working on my 7900gt i have a 17cm side case fan and a 14cm fan for my processor so i think it might be burning out. i also looked at the card itsself and it had these metal squares on it that looked burnt dunno tho also my monitor shuts itself off when not plugged into anything it worked fine when discconected it and when i plugged it in nothing restart wouldnt load windows
  4. but why would that keep me from starting windows regularly
  5. because when you start windows your graphics card has to work harder when the drivers load and that makes it over heat and so it fails completely or sometimes makes it get confused and try to write the wrong information into the wrong place on your monitor it's really bad that your fan is not spinning and now you have to throw out that video card and buy a new one
  6. yep any recomandations on a new one nothing fancy this is just a vacation comp that doesnt do anything but play css and hl2
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