Paranoid about my Vid Card

Ok so I am new to building computers and after about 6 months my 500W PSU died. The video card I was using was a 8800 gt. So i took out the PSU put in my old one along with my old vid card (because my old power supply is 305 watts is below the minimum specs of the 8800 gt).

Anyways the reason I am paranoid is because I don't know if my vid card was damaged when the the PSU died and I accidentally set the card down on my carpet >.< so i am worried if it work when my psu comes in. Basically that is my question because I don't know how much it takes for static electricity to kill a card.
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  1. Probably not - today's electronics are far more tolerant of electrostatic discharge than yesteryears' hardware. Of course, you don't want to place your 8800GT in a sock and rub it around on the carpet - or maybe you do if you REALLY want a new card for Christmas. But you'll probably be ok.
  2. If you simply place the GPU on the carpet after taking it out, it shouldn't really build up a static charge. If you rubbed it against the carpet... well, that's a different story.

    Since you seem to be a bit gittery about static electricity do not perform any further surgery in a carpeted room. Move the PC to a room with tiles or a wooden floor (like the kitchen), then ground yourself by touching a metal pot on the kitchen counter (or something similar). Then final add/remove components.
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