How to setup a SB5101 Surfboard Modem

Is it possible to setup a SB5101 Surfboard Modem to work without having Eastlink(Local ISP) enabling it? I have an old modem from them that if I plug it in and connect it to a live Cable from them it will not work but If I plug in my active Modem(same brand) it works just fine so I beleive Eastlink is able to block it from the internet but is there a way to be able to use it again without them blocking it?

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  1. No, your ISP needs to register the MAC address of the new modem for it to work.

  2. Call your ISP. As long as you have the MAC ADDRESS of your modem YOUR ISP will use the MODEM of YOUR CHOICE.

    Your ISP need the MAC ADDRESS to be able to use the MODEM of your CHOICE.

    ISP will warn you that they will not guarantee the modem since its not own by the provider.

    I have been using my OWN modem (MOTOROLA SURFBOARD). My internet access is just fine.
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