GTX260 & Phenom II X4 O.C.

first off my im a noob at this so I apologize...i Want to Overclock my Gfx Card and my Processor if possible

AMD Phenom II X4 920 @ 2.8Ghz to 3.2Ghz
Nvidia GTX260 896mb 448bit to 1g 512bit

Is it possible? what program should i use?
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  1. You will want to overclock your cpu in the bios.

    google phenom overclock for this and there will be some great guides for you.

    To overclock your gtx 260, use EVGA precision:
  2. You cant OC your memory bit width and the amount of ram there is... you can only OC the core speed and memory clocks, and as overshocked said use precision or something like rivatuner
    And for CPU as already said, use the BIOS
  3. I use Rivatuner and GPU-Z. GPU-Z has a sensor screen that can keep you on top of your graphics card temperatures. GPU temps can go into the mid 80's and be fine. Your Phenom II X4 has a max temp of 62 degrees celsius, keep your processor temp under that so you don't damage it. An after market cpu cooler is also very helpful in achieving your desired overclock. Good luck!
  4. Hi.

    For OC your processor, read this, do it from the BIOS, and bear in mind disable the C'n'Q

    For OC your GPU, I use Rivatuner (I have a GTX260 too). Also, read this.

    P.D. Bear in mid, that for increase the performance of your rig with OC, you need OC your CPU, GPU and maybe the RAM at the same time.

    Take a look of this:

    By saint1926 at 2010-02-20

    By saint1926 at 2010-02-20

    By saint1926 at 2010-02-20
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