"A disk read error"?

Hey, I keep getting this error on my PC and it says Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart, I do this yet nothing happens when I restart just the same error as I got before. I was wandering what is actually causing the error is it the HDD or something? If it is does this mean that my HDD is totally broken or it is fixable? On a sidenote and if it is broken I was thinking of getting 2x500GB Samsung F3's and stick them in raid, just wandering if this is a difficult process. Ty ;)
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  1. Run manufacturer hard disk diagnostics.
    Tell us the results.
  2. Anything more specific about the error? When does the error occur?

    If you can boot into Windows then you can try to run some kind of disk diagnostics, either the built in Windows utility or get some 3rd party products.

    Also what problem is RAID solving for you?
  3. Run DOS based manufacturer hard disk diagnostics.
  4. I used to get this error just after installing a second OS and booting up. What worked for me was using the repair utility on the windows cd.
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