SSD booting problems

Hi all, hope you can help with this odd problem. Sorry about the long post; more info = more useful, hopefully!

I recently upgraded all the important bits of my poota, including a 128Gb G.Skill FalconII SSD drive and Windows 7 HP. All went well for a couple of weeks. Then the other day when restarting, I got a BSOD error:-

Page fault in nonpaged area

Stop 0x00000050

[The fourth line varies the three digits between the 4 and last 8 on most occasions]

This error occurs immediately after the "Starting Windows" and swirling logo, does a minidump and restarts.

I ended up installing another copy of windows on a spare HDD and was able to use that (using F8 to choose that drive).
Tried system repair with the Win 7 install disk. All searches for errors, viruses, bad sectors etc all came up clean.
Couldn't find anyone with a similar issue.

Then I just gave it a another shot trying to boot the SSD, and it worked!!!!
Ran without issue all day. Then did a restart to complete some Windows updates, and then got the same BSOD error. :fou:
Although this time it would go to the where you could try to repair it. But that didn't help and only gave the same error codes as before.
So I think I'm on to something here. Boot from the old drive, it re-assigns the drive letters around again, restart and boot from the SSD and it's fine again. Seems to be something to do with letter assignments, boot sector, or maybe related to the high Ultra DMA CRC errors I'm getting with the SSD.

Hopefully that's enough clues for someone to be able to come up with a solution that doesn't require booting from the old/secondary OS.
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  1. I'm suffering a similar fate with my z68 mobo using intel smart response technology (ssd caching my main drive), but when I tell the machine to boot to windows I get the following BSOD more or less consistently:
    0x00000050 (0xFFFFF88807927428, 0x000000000000000, 0xFFFFF880792480A, 0x0000000000005 the last number here might have more zeroes, but ended in 5)

    I'm fairly certain that's transcribed correctly. My computer cannot do anything but get to the windows swirly icon screen then freeze. Safe mode crashes back and all repair modes (even executed from the install disk) indicate that the drive isn't available.
    Help us both smart people!
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