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I have 1 physical hard drive in my computer partitioned into 4 drives. One drive, "Games" , has only games on it and has plenty of unused space. I would like to install Win7 home 64 bit and be able to dual boot. Can I install full version of Win 7 on this drive as described and have dual boot to take advantage of some currently installed applications that are not compatible with Win 7 and are on other partitions? (Current OS is Win xp pro)
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  1. It is advisable to have the OS installed on its own clean partition
  2. Most partitioning software warns that having more than 3 partitions on one HDD can cause problems. If you still want to do it w/4, you'll have to set the partition you want to install Win7 as Primary and Active. I've been using Partition Wizard Home Edition because it is free and works on 32 and 64-bit OSes.
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