I accedently delete my whole drive and create new partition now i want to recove

Hello,I accidentally deleted a partition containing important data, using a partition editor (such as Fdisk, Partition Magic). How can I recover my partition information?
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  1. If you have NOT written any information to this disk since the error, you should be able to get Partition Recovery software for the job. There's also File Recovery software, which is not the same, but some of those will do what you need. Try looking at GetDataBack NTFS. It is NOT freeware - you pay for it. AND you need to have a bunch of space available on another hard disk so you can COPY all your recovered data to the spare HDD unit. BUT they do have a useful free trial offer. You can go to their website and actually run their software on your disk and let it do the full analysis. Then it will display for you what ti can do, even allowing you to open and examine files to see if they are recovered properly. If you think it will do your whole job well, you must pay them for the software at that time. It will finish the job for you and leave you with a paid-for copy of the software on your machine. BUT if you don't think it is right, do not pay and your disk will be left untouched, ready for help from some other tool.
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