9800GTX+ or GTX260??

I currently run a 9800GTX+ 512MB Vid card, I was considering upgrading to a GTX 260 but do no know how much of a performance boost I would see. Has anyone seen both cards perform and know what kind of fps I would see? I run a 1680 x 1050 resolution monitor. I have read several forums but I have not seen any actual head to head benchmarks of both cards. Thanks.
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  1. GTX260 have much better Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec). 70 vs 111 for the gtx260



    In my case, im looking price .. the GTX+ is now almost the same price of a gtx260 ... making me a bit confuse about buying a second one for my SLI !

    I consider buy a gtx260 (or wait for 270-290 to come out) and sli it later.
  2. GTX216 will be better for now and for the future.but a 55nm refresh is coming soon so its up to you to decide when to buy.
  3. Thanks. I had 2 8800GT's in SLI but I found the cards got very hot. I get slightly better performance out of my one 9800GTX+ than I did out of 2 8800GT's and the the 9800GTX+ runs 20-30 degrees cooler. I think I will wait until the 55nm versions of the GTX200 series come out.
  4. i think Nvidia is gonna try to Kick ATI 4870x2 whit a new gtx290 (or a X2).....
  5. still an unknown atm so we gotta wait and see.
  6. damn NVIDIA ! they going to make us going crazy ;)

    i dream of the 280 becoming more and more cheaper !
  7. Can't wait to see nvidia's response to the 4870x2 boulard but i doubt its two 280gtx's shrinkd slapped on one pcb.
  8. maybe your right, but the news are speaking about a 270 and a 290 !
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