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I get these two temperatures (they were taken a week apart), are the cores too hot or too cold, and if they're too cold, how far can I overclock? and furthermore, how do I overclock?
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  1. There is no "too cool"! You can overclock until the temp on 100% load gets to within 10 degrees of the Max permitted. Just increase by a bit at a time.

  2. these are fairly cool temps for a quad to me. looks like youve got decent headroom to OC temp wise.
  3. every 10c in coolness = ~100mhz increase in speed <approximately

    phase coolers that run at -40c bump the cpu from 4ghz to 5ghz <approximately
  4. post all your specs and mobo - look at your bios

    you need to change the cpu and ram voltage the speed of the cpu and ram thought exact in nvidia chipsets or by ratio with intel chipsets

    its pretty easy once you post what you got
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