Hello, am having intel 946 gzis motherboard with 3.oghz dualcore processor... when i power on cpu fan not working and no beep when i start without ram, but i found fan working when 4 pin power connector removed from mob whats the problem am having... thank u...
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  1. You have some serious issues....

    Check the basics. IS that processor in correctly? IS the RAM in correctly? Are the connectors plugged ALL the way in?

    Take everything out of your system except for one stick of memory, cpu and video card (if you have one - that mb has onboard graphincs I believe). Start from there...does it power up? If you do that and it is still not working, then one of your major components has a problem. Start with a power supply and replace that - the poor quality of the average personal computer power supply always makes me doubt those things. Try to swap parts with a very good friend...
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