Virus Or Nothing To Worry About?

After running a Malwarebytes scan, it flagged PUM.Disabled.SecurityCenter as a threat. Is this just a normal object or malicious software? Along with MB, I have AVG Free 2011 and SB S&D on the computer. Thanks for your help!
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    PUM means potentially unwanted modification.
    If you have turned off an item in the Security Centre (Firewall / Anti Virus warnings, etc) you may recieve this warning. This warning typically appears when the firewall is disabled.
    If you have turned off one of these items, all is OK.
    If you have not turned off the item, something else has, and you may need to investigate further.
    Hope this helps,
  2. I was reading and it said an AV program could disable them, and the netbook had Trend Micro bloatware that came with it, so I'll assume that was what disabled the warning. Malwarebytes isn't giving me warnings anymore, so I think I'm okay. Thanks for your help!
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