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Please help me to choose my water cooling for my AMD phenomII @(oced) 4.0 GHZ, ati radeon hd 5850(xfx), and chipset for ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Mobo. I considered H50(just for my cpu), Thermaltake big water series and couple of Zalman etc. etc. All of them are O.K but I don't know which of them would keep my pc cooler... if there is better wc system, please tell me! keep in mind that I got plenty of space for tubbing (thanks for my super tower). For my gpu, i would like to have the full water block. I could only buy them form newegg, amazon and fry's...
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    Unless you want to spend $300+, then you will not water cool your gpu. It is not woth it to cool the gpu unless you have an sli sytem anyway.

    As for watercooling the cpu, the h50 is your best option unless you are willing to spend a bunch for a full loop. An agood aircooler will outperform the h50 in most cases though.
  2. edit: ^ beat me to it.

    None of the ones you mentioned are any good. They are not true water cooling. A high end air cooler will beat most if not all the "water" coolers you mentioned.

    If you want to do it right, read:
  3. how about swiftech?
  4. AW GEEZ! I spent too many years in Europe and forgot that when it comes to pc's WC does not mean "water closet"! :lol:
  5. A decent loop for the gpu would be expensive, 50 dollars for a mcr 320, d5 pump for around 70, ek 5850 block for around 110 ish and tubing,clamps and fans and etc would be around 50 dollars so it's fairly expensive.
    Edit:LOL johnny, water closet would kill any computer if i put it in there :)
  6. unj008 said:
    how about swiftech?

    What about the Swiftech? Yes, they are quite high quality.
  7. Do you recommend anything else? (It would be better if they are in a "kit")thanks...
  8. There are no kits that have a GPU waterblock in them. You have to start figuring out heatloads etc to ensure you have enough rad, the choice of rad (not size) matters on your fan choice.

    It's not rocket science, but you do need to learn quite a bit. The sticky at the top here has more than enough links to get you in the right direction, you just need to do the walking yourself.
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  10. swiftech has a complete loop for about 400 ish that includes gpu and cpu i think it has a north or south bridge to.
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